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nedjelja, 22. srpnja 2018.

WINK? | The message of Neymar to the two new players of Real Madrid

As much as they ask, Neymar does not leave the orbit of Real Madrid. First they linked him to a possible signing with the meringues, he even had to go out and declare that he will not leave Paris Saint-Germain at least this season.
Now he went out to talk about the white team, but in this case not necessarily about his arrival at the club or about his future, but to give a few words to the new Brazilians who signed for the kings of Europe. Vinicius is one of them, he is only 18 years old and will already be part of the first merengue team this season . The other is Rodrygo , a 17-year-old who will remain with Santos of Brazil this season , until next year when he will join the ranks of the Spanish team.The Brazilian star said "I spoke with both of them and I am very happy and happy for them, I hope they have many successes and score many goals, they are two great talents that have been discovered in Brazil"
All this in an interview he gave, during the day of the tournament organized by the Projeto Neymar Jr. Institute. PSG also wished them  "all the luck of the world and that they succeed for happiness first of their family and after Brazil".

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