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nedjelja, 8. srpnja 2018.

The requirement of Real Madrid to Cristiano to let him go

Begins to not be so clear exit of Cristiano Ronaldo.  The player wants to leave Real Madrid and the white club is willing to put facilities but they demand something that the player does not seem willing to comply.  According to the newspaper Marca published ,  Florentino agrees to lower his clause and let him leave for Italy if Cristiano Ronaldo appears before the media and explains that he leaves because he wants and thanks the club for the treatment he has dressed in all these years. with white elastic . It is a condition that also put Xabi Alonso to let him go to Bayern Munich. The ex-footballer met and left with the Bavarians.The public appearance would not be the only problem of the sale of Portuguese. Now, according to La Stampa , Florentino would be thinking that he has priced the attacker too cheaply. It is true that he is 33 years old but he is still one of the most coveted players in the world and selling him for less than what they paid for Bale could be a mistake . Real Madrid would have asked Juventus 150 million euros, fifty more than agreed.The relations between Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Pérez are increasingly broken. The soccer player has been claiming for several years not to be happy in Real Madrid and asking for better salaries that the president promised but never gave, or took longer than promised to do. Precisely for that reason, Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to go out and declare what the whites are asking of him.

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