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ponedjeljak, 23. srpnja 2018.

UNVEILED | The player who would have to sacrifice Real Madrid to bring Hazard

From London a very clear message has arrived for the top leader of Real Madrid, or pay a figure close to  200 million euros for Eden Hazard  or a player enters the operation, either for another or with a sum of money added . According to the newspaper The Sun, the player who is most interested in Stamford Bridge would be  Marco Asensio , and would be the only one who could unlock the signing of Hazard.Roman Abramovich wants to give air and youth to the staff of Chelsea in this new era of the club, and for this has put Asensio in the negotiation with Real Madrid. In addition, as we all know, between both clubs there is an excellent relationship after the incorporation of Morata, a season ago. The young Spanish southpaw would be part of the  most top operation  of this market to bring the dream signing of Florentino Perez to  Real Madrid .
On the other hand, the current coach of Real Madrid, Julen Lopetegui , would have thought to give gallons in the white team to the Real Madrid promise, but it seems that the interest of the President by Hazard predominates over the intentions of the coach.After his excellent participation in the World Cup,  Florentino Perez has decided to go for the Belgian player, who was always one of the frustrated signings of the president . Years ago he wanted to bring it back to merengue but until then, he had never had so many chances to sign him because his star,  Cristiano Ronaldo , went to Juventus. Now, you can enjoy certain privileges such as being one of the leaders of Real Madrid and having the possibility of dethroning the Portuguese and winning the next Golden Ball.

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